The above saying turns out to be true for this young singer & rapper. Back in 2017, Viruss composed a song ‘Bam Bhole’ and little did he imagine that this song will be recreated for the blockbuster ‘Laxmii’ starring the Khiladi Akshay Kumar. This 26-year-old fresh star, Devansh Sharma aka Viruss, says that it was a challenge for him to recreate the music for this Bollywood movie. Dreams do come true and we all have witnessed it happening to him. All thanks to rising of Tik-Tok that this song hit 2million in just a number of days and his stardom reached new heights when it hit 200M views on Youtube. In due course, this song came into Akshay Kumar’s notice and he reached out to Viruss, eagerly to feature his song in the movie. And the rest, we all know how everyone totally loved the song and it became a sensation. Having made this spectacular entry in the Bollywood industry this young star is now involved in many other Bollywood projects.
The early days of any star are not all cherries on the cake top. He was just 21 when he passed out college from Dehradun, and chose ‘Viruss’ to be his stage name. As his song was introduced in the movie during the pandemic, people went all crazy for his name. Little did he know that after five years of opting the name, people would be so keen to know about his story and his name?
As soon as he passed out from college, he went to Mumbai to begin his career as a musician and singer. Early days were not very fruitful, he worked for many known Bollywood singers, assisted them in writing songs and creating good music. Spending a year and a half in the glamorous city of Mumbai, the singer-songwriter went to Chandigarh with Anup Kumar, aka Ullumanati to work on something of his own. The duo has no idea what was in the plate for them when they planned to return to Chandigarh. In 2017 they released an EDM music track- ‘Bam Bhole’ with modest lyrics and no commercial motives praising Lord Shiva.
Viruss now wants EDM and trance to come into mainstream music and is also experimenting with some new music genres to entertain his fans to the best.


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