A girl who has written her own destiny by following her passion. Born and brought up in a village of Mujaffarnagar and persued her early education there only. Then, went on to study Psychology from Dehradun. She believes that it was her education and teachers that still has a great impact in her life.

She had a passion for writing since childhood but like every other child she also dreamt of becoming a police or sometime a teacher. Still, deep down there has always been a feeling to do something that makes life feel meaningful. Growing up, some of her poems got published in junior jagran. after that Dainik Jagran gave the stage, used to be a part of Kavi Sammelan in college. The poem was published in Vagarth, a famous magazine of Hindi literature. Got a place in Daily Hunt. The short story got a place in the top composition in Hindi magazine named Abhyudaya. Additional to this, she chose social work where she felt more satisfaction and happiness and also understood the meaning of work because it included efforts to build a better society and life. Till date, her interest is social activism and writing.

Life is filled with obstacles but it depends on your response to it. Like most girls, she also had to face vicious system of patriarchy. There was no environment to discuss the career and needs of the girls. Therefore, there have been many challenges in the family front ranging from financial to mind set. Her Mother left very early so Life has never been easier after that. She had to stay out of the house from class 11. Struggle and challenges were always there for her. But her self-confidence remained her biggest support system. Her strength was her ability to struggle with self-confidence and positive thinking. Due to the attitude of taking life as a laboratory, she is always enthusiastic about new experiments without any fear.

She understood her interest from the very beginning. From childhood, it was very common for her to speak her own written speeches and recite poetry in school. But due to many challenges of life, full time could never be devoted to this side. Financial independence was the first requirement for her. But last year her friend compiled her poems and got the first collection of poems (Urmi) published. Urmi is a collection of poems dedicated to her mother. From childhood to child sentiments, whatever has been written on what influenced her is in this collection. The themes of the poems are the struggle for women’s liberation, political social issues and the sentiments of a common man.

There are also plans to publish another revised edition of Urmi. After this she was filled with different energy and confidence. Now, writing is also her priority. Currently she is working on a novel. It is likely to be published by next year. Apart from her brilliant writings, she has also been actively involved on various social and political platforms. She wants to be associated with more and more works related to social awareness and betterment of the world and society.

Her story is surely going to inspire lot of women out there. Her exemplary writings surely needs to reach out to more readers Wishing her all the very best for all her future endeavours.


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  • Rohit, August 9, 2023 @ 8:34 pm Reply

    I know her personally. She is really a gem, I’m a big fan of Swati chauhan ji. Waiting or her next writing work. Many congratulations from Berlin, Germany

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