We are all familiar with the kakkar’s trio who are mesmerizing everybody through their voices. But let’s dive into the story of ‘Sonu kakkar’, the eldest of the trio, the path finder of the trio, the guidance of the trio. Born on 20th October, in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, a girl who started performing live singing at the jagrans at the mere age of 5 years to support her family. She was an ordinary girl with a simple family. Her earlier life was full of struggles, she worked very hard to move from bottom to this fame.

She did her schooling from Rishikesh, then she along with her family moved to Delhi, where she used to sing bhajans, aarti at religious events. Later in 2003, she moved to Mumbai along with her brother Tony Kakkar, where she participated in channel V’s singing reality show, Indian Pop star. And from there, her life took a turn.
Her voice made everyone fall in love with the way she sang. While she was performing in the competition, Sandeep Chowta, the music director gave her a chance With the song “Baabuji Zara Dheere Chalo’. Which was her debut as a singer, for the movie Dum in 2003. It became a popular dance song of that time. She has won MTV IMMIES AWARD for this song.

She can also sing in various languages which also includes Kannad, Telugu,Tamil. Dheenam Dheenam Deepavali, composed by Mr. A.R Rehman, is also sang by her. Further she sang songs like seduction Sawariya, Ishq Da Tadka, Kar Mundya and Lavani. She earned immense recognition for her single ‘Urban Munda’.
She is blessed with the soulful voice. She has never taken any formal training. She has learnt all by herself. She likes to keep herself little away from the limelight. And she has act as a perfect role model for her younger siblings, who are also shining in the industry right now.  She truly believes, if you follow your passion and work hard for it, there is nothing that you can’t achieve. She is a perfect role model for all the young aspiring girls.


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