Shri Jagdamba Prasad Sati

In Badrinath, the abode of lord Vishnu, there is a daily ritual which start very early around 4:30 a.m. with maha Abhishek and Abhishek Pooja and end at around 8:39 PM with the Shayan Aarti.

Apart from the Chief Priest, Vedpathis (Reciters of Vedas), Rawal, there is a Dharmadhikari – Shri Jagdamba Prasad Sati Ex -Dharmadhikari of Badrinath who got retired from this post on 31st March 2012, was earlier one of the Vedpathis there. His abundant knowledge of Vedas, Mantras Rituals and Dedication for serving the lord lead him to holding this post, which he feels is not just the post but a privilege to be able to serve the lord, being present over there. He shares the insights of Dharmadhikari’s duties.

All the worship and Aarti performed in the Adytum (Garbhagriha) of Shri Badrinath temple are performed in the association of Dharmadhikari. All the four Vedpathis perform chanting in worship and Aarti under Dharmadhikari. With the same chanting Rawal, the chief priest of the Badrinath performs the ritual of worship of lord Badri Vishal.


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