In the mesmerizing world of dance, few artists possess the ability to captivate audiences with their magnetic energy and distinctive style. Raghav Juyal, the dynamic and multi-talented performer, has emerged as one such luminary, leaving an indelible mark on the Indian entertainment industry. Born and raised in the picturesque city of Dehradun, Juyal’s journey from a mischievous schoolboy to a renowned dancer, actor, and television personality is as remarkable as it is inspiring. In this exclusive interview, Raghav Juyal shares his early experiences, the struggles he encountered, and the pivotal moments that shaped his career.

A Childhood Filled with Naughty Adventures:

Growing up as a quintessential Dehradun boy, Raghav Juyal reminisces about his vibrant early life. Mischievous by nature, he admits that academics did not hold much allure for him. However, in Dehradun’s interconnected schooling system, where winning the coveted title of “Sikandar” was a common aspiration, Juyal found his youthful zest. He fondly recalls exploring different schools,and joining his family on picnics near rivers, creating cherished memories that would shape his artistic sensibilities.

The Birth of a Dancer:

For Raghav Juyal, dance was not a conscious decision but an innate calling. From the moment he became aware of the world around him, he couldn’t help but dance whenever music played. His journey truly began when he transferred to St. Thomas School, a haven for artists, which he likens to the magical world of Harry Potter. Here, Juyal’s passion for dance found a nurturing environment, and he discovered the freedom to pursue his interests during the “zero period.” His time at St. Thomas School instilled in him the belief that following one’s passion can lead to extraordinary achievements.As Raghav progressed to ninth grade, his struggles with academics led him to switch schools once again. The transition exposed him to a different atmosphere, where street slang and a changed environment shaped his experiences. From this period, Raghav learned a valuable lesson about the inevitability of failure, understanding that it is an integral part of life’s journey. His  final educational stop was at Doon International School, which he regards as an excellent institution that fostered both academics and extracurricular activities. He speaks highly of the school’s principal, Harry Mann Sir, describing him as a supportive figure who played a crucial role in his development. His time at Doon International School not only provided him with a quality education but also introduced him to lifelong friends who continue to support him to this day.

The Journey Begins:

Raghav’s tryst with fame began when he participated in the Chak Dhoom Dhoom show with his dance crew, Dmaniax. Although their initial taste of success was fleeting, it sparked a fire within Raghav to strive for something greater. Recognizing the immense platform and opportunity that DID offered, he set his sights on the show, despite initial apprehensions from his family.

Overcoming Challenges:

Raghav’s determination to pursue his passion faced obstacles, including conflicting priorities with school exams and audition dates. In a poignant decision, he chose to followhis dreams and left his exams behind, boarding a train from Haridwar to attend the DID audition. While he didn’t make the cut initially, Raghav’s spirit remained unbroken. He channeled his disappointment into managing a dance studio, where he encountered contestants from the very show he aspired to be on.

Rediscovering Success:

Raghav’s unique dance style caught the attention of the audience when his mega audition episode aired on television. The overwhelming response from fans prompted a resurgence of interest from the show’s producers. Responding topublic demand, Raghav was given a second chance, and he made a triumphant return to DID. His infectious charm, gravity-defying moves, and innovative dance style mesmerized viewers, earning him a special place in their hearts.

The Difference between Acting and Dancing:

Having expanded his artistic horizons beyond dancing, Raghav also ventured into acting. When asked about the difference between the two art forms, he highlighted that dance is an expression of rhythmic movement, flowing naturally with the music. On the other hand, acting requires actors to embody their characters, portraying emotions and capturing the essence of each moment. Raghav emphasized that being a dancer provided him with a solid foundation for his acting career, as it helped him develop a keen sense of movement, emotion, and sensitivity.

Taking a leap of transition in Abhay 2

Known for his puns and comics in reality shows while anchoring, Raghav took a daring leap and transformed himself into a versatile actor, showcasing his talent in intense roles such as in the acclaimed series Abhay 2. Let’s take a closer look at his journey, from landing his first acting project to breaking the mold and embracing new challenges.

For Raghav, the path to his first acting project began like many aspiring actors in Mumbai, through auditions. He shared, “Whoever comes to Mumbai dreams of becoming an actor, and I was no exception. I wascompletely raw in acting, but sometimes your rawness works, and I got selected in the audition.” This fortuitous turn of events set the stage for Raghav’s entry into the world of acting.

His first project was with renowned filmmaker Rohan Sippy, and the presence of legendary director Ramesh Sippy during the auditions added a sense of accomplishment for Raghav. He recalled, “I used to get a good feeling that I am doing something in life.” With this initial success under his belt, Raghav went on to star in several dance movies, showcasing his exceptional dancing skills and endearing personality.

However, Raghav’s hunger for creative exploration led him to seek new challenges beyond comedy and entertainment. “I get bored very quickly with the same work,” he admitted. Determined to break free from his established image, Raghav actively pursued auditions that would allow him to showcase his range as an actor. It was during this time that the auditions for Abhay 2, a gritty crime thriller series, presented themselves, and Raghav seized the opportunity.

But fate had other plans in store for him. Just as the shooting for Abhay 2 commenced, a nationwide lockdown was imposed, coinciding with a time when Raghav had also suffered a leg injury. Undeterred by these setbacks, Raghav turned the adversity into an advantage for his character portrayal. Walking with a limp due to his injury, he realized that this unique element could be incorporated into his role, adding depth and authenticity. Raghav confessed, “I did not get time to prepare so much, but my acting training came in handy at that time.”

The transition from comedy to intense acting demanded a different skill set, and Raghav’s commitment to his craft shone through as he embraced the challenge head-on. 

Navigating the Pressures of Social Media Stardom:

With an immense social media following, Raghav Juyal undoubtedly faces the pressures of what to post and what not to post. However, instead of succumbing to this pressure, Raghav embraces it as a responsibility. He understands the influence he wields and aims to inspire rather than simply influence. Aware of the potential negative impact that unchecked social media posts can have, Raghav takes a cautious approach, carefully curating his content to ensure that it brings positivity, motivation, and joy to his fans’ lives. In an era where online influence holds significant power, Raghav’s commitment to responsible posting sets a commendable example for his peers and admirers.

His fondest Memories of Dehradun:

Raghav Juyal fondly recalls the unique charm of his hometown. Dehradun’s inhabitants maintain a deep connection with nature, a sentiment that has greatly influenced Raghav’s perspective on life. He reminisces about embarking on thrilling trekking adventures with his friends amidst the awe-inspiring mountains that surround the city. From serene picnics by the riverside to delightful barbeques under the open sky, every experience in this enchanting city left an indelible mark on his heart. However, amidst the reminiscing, Raghav takes a moment to issue a heartfelt appeal to tourists: enjoy the rivers responsibly. He warns of the unpredictable currents in the Alaknanda River and emphasizes the need to prioritize safety while reveling in nature’s embrace. Furthermore, Raghav passionately advocates for environmental conservation, urging everyone to play their part in preserving the pristine beauty of Dehradun and beyond.

Advice for the aspiring artists from small towns:

When asked about his advice to young dreamers aiming to make it big in the entertainment industry, Raghav emphasizes the importance of acquiring knowledge and mastering one’s craft. He believes that true success is built upon a strong foundation of skills and expertise. Raghav’s message to those from small towns and aspiring entertainers is simple yet profound: “It is better to do something right than to do something big.”


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