Coming from a well known background usually makes children rely on their family and sit back. But there are some idiosyncratic , who want to make their own identity, doing what they love to do along with taking care of their family legacy. Maliha Malla, is one of the very suitable examples of this.
Maliha Malla, daughter of Mr. Kunal Shamshere Malla and educationist Dr. Anuradha Malla, is a teenage who is on her journey of learning as much as she can as well as exploring different genres. After completing her Senior secondary from Olympus High, she wants to pursue her career in Music & acting. She is also currently doing a short term program with KM College (AR Rehman’s institute). She has a keen interest & talent for acting, dancing as well as singing and works continuously to enhance her faculties and being able to improvise in these fields.

She has attended various workshops such as National School Drama workshop, which went for 2 months and did 2 plays with them. She tries to give her best in everything she does.

When she attended Helen O’grady’s workshop, where they had to direct any of the Shakespeare’s play, she won the first position there. She has also done Indian classical vocal course for 4 years. She has been actively involved in movies and advertisement projects from last five years. Some of these includes Pinti ka Sabun – an award winning children’s film, where she played a role of Pinti – 1978 – A Teen Night Out. where she played the role of main character, Parle-G Ad – which is being edited, also acted in the musical album Har Pal. She sang a song in the International award winning short film- Shwet Rakht and many more. In future, we’ll surely see her as a lead character in Hindi feature films.
That’s not just all. She has been an achiever from her school days. She held the position of
house captain and head girl in the school. Good in academics, she participated and won
numerous prizes in Inter-school activities. In her school days, she has acted in number of plays
like Akbar, footloose, Alibaba and Forty Thieves, Frozen, Son of God. The list may seem long for someone so young in age but she believes that learning is a continuous process . She is surely an inspiration to many young girls who want to follow their passion and make their own identity.


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