Sunil Uniyal Gama Mayor Dehradun

A big congratulations to the entire team of ‘Discover Uttarakhand’ magazine, for their successful launch.
I recently had a chance to go through the magazine and I must appreciate the efforts that have gone into this well articulated magazine. It is well written, elegantly designed and really well done. Discover Uttarakhand, takes you through the various aspects of Uttarakhand, entertainment world, some unheard stories and much more.

While going through the magazine I found each content to be so captivating, that makes it stand out in the print media. When most magazines are disappearing and going out of print, Discover Uttarakhand reminds us why we loved magazines in the first place. It makes you want to read it since the visual content is so intriguing.
It’s a very well produced magazine and I’d definitely recommend it to all. You have a magazine you will be proud to display on your coffee table or shelf.
At last, my best wishes to the entire team, for all the upcoming issues


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