This temple is a source of limitless power. where the beauty of nature is not only seen, but mental peace is also felt. This place is unique as it is the center of magnetic force, which has amazed scientists around the world. Actually, the entire area around the Kasardevi temple is the Van Allen belt, where there is a huge geomagnetic body inside the earth. This body has a layer of electrically charged particles which can also be called radiation. This center will not only be karma-oriented, but it will be the predominance of flushing, meditation and peace. Swami Vivekananda had come for a few months for meditation in 1890. It is said that he had experienced special knowledge in Kakdighat, about 22 km from Almora.

Similarly, Buddhist Guru Lama Angarika Govinda American singer and songwriter Bob Dylan, British singer Cat Stevens, American poet Allen Ginsberg and English musician George Harrison are also known to have been travel here for a peaceful and spiritual time .You will be surprised to know that exactly same phenomenon is observed only at two other places in the world. Machu-Picchu in Peru in South America and Stone Heng in England are the two other places where you can witness the same phenomenon.



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