Shri Satpal Maharaj ji, is well aware of the fact that the idea of travel isn’t restricted to visiting top attractions of a destination. There are tourists who look for experiences that can be cherished lifelong. They want vacations – a lot of them – that allow insights into life, culture, and traditions of the mountains. While we are filled with luxury hotels and resorts, to give that enriching experience to our tourists, we have the amazing facilities of homestay. 

He has made the local inhabitants aware about the importance of lending their homes for the homestay of tourists. As this will not only give a deep insight to the tourists about our culture, and traditions, but also become a good source of livelihood for the local residents of hilly areas. 

There are various homestay options amidst the overwhelming mountains and sparkling greenery. Rooms are very comfortable, cozy and clean with everything that you can possibly need. And the most important hospitality! Warm and extremely informative, everyone here is very helpful and it’s best to ask them for places around to have the village life experience. You can also have a taste of the local cuisines. The homestay personifies the silence. 

His mission is to create more and more homestay in coming years to acquaint the tourists with the state’s cuisine, culture, historical heritage and traditional / Pahari style.


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