Do you love to spend your time close to the mother nature? Do you love to be away from hustle bustle of the city? Do you wish to feel the peaceful walk around villages? If yes, come and visit sainji corn village.

The corn village of Sainji, situated around 5 Km after Mussoorie, will definitely leave a deep imprint on your mind. Every nook and corner of this place gives you a aesthetic feel. Once you reach this majestic village, you will get all your answers related to its name. The village is just not about rows and rows of cornfield, but much more than that.

The village entrance is marked by a huge gate-like structure, all covered with corns, showing the importance of corns in the village. The village houses and all buildings are covered with corns and it is being used as a piece of art in every house. The main reason for this was to actually dry them for next season but the way they placed it was something captivating. It all together acted as a beautiful décor for the houses.

Away from the hustle of the city life, this village has its own aura. Clean roads, beautiful houses and even some houses have dates mentioned of their construction, gives you a completely different vibe. It all together feels like a different life.

The best time to visit this beautiful village is during September and October as it is the harvest season.

If you crave for places which are serene, clean, beautiful and closer to the nature, this place is for you.


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