Mr. Anil K. Garg was born in Dehradun to a family that settled here pre independence. His upbringing in Doon “abode of saga drona” made him experience the richness of culture, heritage, art, poetry and statesmanship of those glorious times. This greatly influenced his personality. A dreamer and a visionary from the very beginning, during his years of formal education, he often found himself stifled within the rigid boundaries of the educational framework.

He started his career on a humble note, as a businessman, believing firmly that the ‘core competence’ is not the business one does, but the vision, spirit and appetite for risk taking one carries to lead mankind to success. He is the founder member and chairman of Om Ram Educational Foundation.

He has now collaborated with The Shri Ram Education Trust, New Delhi to build independent, responsible global citizens, through a widely accepted curriculum and practices that are founded on learner centric education. His wish is to open doors to the new generation of students. As expectations run high, we believe that each and every child will grow into a star in the sky. Every day, everywhere we scale new heights, never standing still.


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