Kingshuk Bhaduri is not an unknown name in the fashion industry anymore. From making the models look more glamorous with his exceptional designs to showcasing his art in various fashion weeks and shows, Kingshuk Bhaduri is leaving no stone unturned to make his mark. Hailing from a small town called Najibabad in UP, this fashion designer has been turning heads with his unique collection.

It was not even a distant dream for Kingshuk to be a part of the fashion world as where he came from, the opportunities to explore something new were negligible. He was drawn to fashion during his initial days. Rising against all odds and a lot of struggle, he started off with his brand Kamakhya which turned out to be a big hit among models and fashion stars and he was invited as a guest fashion designer for various Pageants. Within just one year it has grown exponentially and all credit goes to the determination and hard work Kingshukh and his team has put to it and now he is a renowned designer plus celebrity stylist.

A quick learner who considers Manish Malhotra as his Godfather gives a hint of western flair to all his designer clothes. Speaking to the Magazine, Kingshuk says:” From his beginning, I always followed my Godfather Mr. Manish Malhotra, and probably continuously observing him gave me the strength to come this far”. Speaking of his style, he loves to create something new and likes to explore to bring out something exclusive.

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