Hello People and My Future Clientele. This is Sweety Layak. I was Born and Raised in Berhampur. I Have done my Formal Training in Fashion from JD FASHION TECHNOLOGY. Although I was trained but I was Completely self taught. Having a Career in Fashion didn’t seem Great but I was Drawn to Creativity from my childhood. I was into Arts and Illustrations. I was very keen into Sketching and Drawing Fugures and Outfits. So that Interest made me get into this Field of Glam and Fashion. Thats when I started my own label SWEETY LAYAK DESIGN COUTURE and it took a massive turn in my life. This label has not only changed me but my lifestyle. I’m an Innovative Fashion Designer with over three years of experience creating powerful designs in the fashion industry.

Adapted in collaborating with designers and other team professionals to achieve high goals and deadlines. Dedicated to remaining up to date with the latest fashion trends, while offering ideas and visuals to spark new trends. I was Equally interested in Designing Accessories and also I used to help My Family and Friends in Designing their homes and Furniture too. Coming from a Rural Town, Getting into this Field has been tough and challenging I have always developed seasonal merchandise assortment to improve category depth and breadth. We have always researched seasonal trends, Colors and raw materials to focus on needs of buyers. We are always prepared with our designed boards with sketches, Fabrics, Colors, Prints and Trims. We have always led aesthetic vision and created new Fashion Products. We have always kept our vision Strong and Bold. We always believed in Future Trends.”

SWEETY LAYAK DESIGN COUTURE has been established for bringing out elite and futuristic fashion trends to the present Generation. ALL our Collections are made to show the elite work culture and discipline of the brand We make outfits with statements which are customized according to your independent style. Here, we not only design but Bring your Ideas to Reality. We will show you the transition of raw end to Complete Highend.

SWEETY LAYAK DC is the official Designer for various pageants from past three years. She has made her mark in the world of fashion with her unique designs. She was awarded designer of the year 2020 and also was nominated for various awards. She has been approached for various prestigious Shows and events in south India. And now she has entered into the north also for making an approach.

She’s specialized for making Male, Female and Kids apparel according to your requirements and preferences too. She has done various Fashion Shows and Fashion Runways as Official Designer. She is Associated with various National PAEGANT’s and Contests as a Designer.

She’s all ready to showcase her new Collection at few prestigious and esteemed Shows which are going be held later this year. We have launched TINY TOT COUTURE 2020 which is completely made for Infants and kids which is a great hit. Clients are turning up for this collection and we are going to launch the next Part of collection in coming Days too.

Check out the UFW Designs: https: //discoveruttarakhandmagazine.com/ufw-designs/


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