Sometimes, life takes an unexpected turn at an unusual place. But little do you know that might be that turn leads you to the beautiful destination.

Shivam Sharma, a young man, who was leading his normal life. Hailing from the beautiful city of Dehradun, did his graduation from the renowned institution and entered the corporate world. After giving his best in that field, he went on to create his own business empire. Little did he know that a train journey would change his life forever.

It was during the train journey that he realized the sole purpose of life. We all live and work for ourselves. But real happiness is when you work for others and add a smile to their faces. He witnessed many underprivileged kids in the journey, which created a moment of grief for him. Throughout the journey, he thought about their pain and sufferings. And then decided to serve the people who are in desperate need of help.

He reached out to people to fulfil their basic needs. During the pandemic, he emerged as one of the corona warriors, who was continuously helping people in need and providing them relief. On a daily basis, he used to provide items of basic necessities to all the underprivileged sections of the society. Apart from that, he continues to serve society every day in every possible way. 

He feels that this happiness of helping others is greater than any other happiness and whatever the circumstances may be, he would continue his service for others.


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