Do you know what’s the best part of the weekend? You can just relax and watch award shows that will give you a mid break from regular daily soaps. Not only this, but you are lucky enough if you get to see Maniesh Paul on the stage as a host making your weekend even more entertaining. Maniesh Paul, whose style and persona on and off screen have frequently been talked about and appreciated, which can also be seen in the style with which he hosts the show. The audience love him on stage like they have never loved anyone. He never fails to show the right amount of energy, comic timing and the ability to handle any stressful situations. Not only is he a star on stage, but he has proved his versatility innumerous times on the big screen and any show he is a part of. so, let’s get some insight into the life of this amazing, power packed and versatile Maniesh Paul.

Born, brought up at, education

I was born in Mumbai, since my mom is from Mumbai, later we shifted to Delhi, where I spent my childhood and most of my early life. I did my schooling from APEEJAY school after schooling, I did B.A.. in tourism from college of vocational studies, University of Delhi.

Did you always think of being a part of this entertainment industry? and if not this, what would have been your other career choice?

I was always interested in the entertainment industry, I always wanted to be an actor and there was no Plan B. I remember in my early days, I used to be more active in extracurriculars and participate in plays and dramatics, singing, that took place in my school, even my teachers and everyone around me were sure I’d end up in the entertainment field. so somewhere I feel, I was always inclined towards the field of entertainment and that got me to land in mumbai.

You are a known face now, people admire you a lot, so how did your journey start?

In 2005 I came to mumbai to pursue my dream and be an actor. I stayed in Chembur at my nani’s home for some time. I didn’t have money, since I had just started, I used to travel in buses and keep meeting people and telling them I’m available to work. The first work I got in Mumbai was ‘Kahani Shuru’ with love guru milind soman’s production but the show got shut down overnight and I had no work to do, then I got a call from radio city to become RJ, that’s how it all started.

In the beginning, everybody has some kind of struggle or obstacles. So what kind of struggle did you face before stepping into this industry?

No one from my family belonged to the film industry so I had zero connections, I had to build my own path. i remember i would sit on the stairs of fun republic, the whole day with my bag. I used to have a sandwich from a guy stationed outside YASH RAJ studios and that would be my snack and lunch. That was the cheapest that was available. I was struggling then, meeting people, letting them know I was available to work and looking out for opportunities.

A life changing moment

In 2008 I was jobless, I didn’t have work for a year, didn’t have the money to pay rent, then a year later I got hosting offers and people appreciated me for my work and loved me in it. It somehow snowballed and then I kept on getting hosting offers from big shows and award functions, post that there was no looking back and I’m glad of what I’ve achieved so far, no doubt, there’s still a long way to go.

You are an inspiration for many, who is your inspiration?

If anybody ever talks to me about my inspiration, I will undoubtedly say amitabh bachchan, I have been a big big fan of his and he also knows about it. He really inspires me the way he has given us the quality of entertainment, I think it is brilliant.

You are the best host, actor, and whatnot. So what keeps you motivated to give your best in everything you pick up? Or is there something else you want to try?

It’s really humbling to receive all this love for my work and I feel it’s like a reflection of my passion for my work. I love what I do and that keeps me driven. I think when you put your heart into something so passionately, the energies thrive, when you enjoy your work, work also respects you and you attract more of it.

Then making your debut in movies, sharing your experience or some memorable incidence-during that?

My debut film mickey virus, I had a great time from transforming my body and learning a lot being my first film in rehearsals, I think everything was fantastic but yeah there was one incident, we had to perform an action scene and I had to hit a tube light on my chest and I got injured there, I remember that vividly, because my director got really scared but everything was fine. but it is definitely a memory I categorically remember.

Your most favourite actor a role till date?

Honestly, I love entertaining people. So I’ve been an RJ, I have worked in daily soaps, done films, and have been hosting for a very long time. What matters the most to me is entertaining people, that is what I love, be it in any medium that doesn’t matter, what matters is entertaining people and the audience loving it. On stage hosting is altogether a different experience which I love and enjoy the most.

How do you like to spend your day? Your hobbies!

I read a lot, I like to watch a lot of films, that’s how I like to spend my day. My day starts very early, I begin at 5 am, so yeah that’s my most peaceful time. I read a lot, I watch something, I also like to write a lot, so these are things I love to do.

How do you maintain a balance between your personal and professional life?

Finally I am in a place where I can take time out for Sanyukta and my kids. And it’s a rule that I don’t talk about work on the dinner table. The pandemic has definitely brought us together further, where we have realized the importance of spending quality time with our loved ones. I ensure to give my best to my work and then also give my time to my family.

Any advice or a message for the young generation who wish to achieve something in their life?

Do not give up. I always believe in not giving up. i keep using this line, manifest your energies, keep asking the universe for things you desire, send out your positive vibes and they will reflect, things will turn into your favour when you put your heart and will into it. If the universe is taking time, relax, your time will come. always have faith in what you do, if you have confidence and faith, fate will turn its course for you.


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