Above all is humanity, no one else. Being human is given, but keeping humanity is a choice. Actually, we think took much and feel too little. But, we still have a bunch of people who have dedicated their lives to serve others, to serve humanity.

Chinu Kwatra, an ordinary man as we are but making a difference in society with his acts of humanity. A man from Thane, who is continuously working towards a developed, healthy, flourishing, clean and prosperous India. His mantra Insaan Bano’, clearly speaks of his work and vision which keeps humanity above all.

Sometimes, life teaches you an important lesson that even your education could not. After completing his MBA, in 2014, a small observation changed his entire perception towards life. It was the happiness, the smile he witnessed on the faces of those children, who barely had anything. It made him retrospect that no materialistic thing can but this happiness and that was the day, he decided to add smile to every face in any possible way and that’s how his NGO Khushiyan Foundation was born.

This foundation works toward providing happiness to the underprivileged section of society. He believes that it is his team of young, energetic and creative minds that are the strengthening pillars of this foundation and have played a vital role in leading his vision. He has launched several projects to create a discernible impact and a fruitful outcome for society. Some of his projects are

– ROTI GHAR- under this, freshly cooked meals are provided to more than 1000 kids too on daily basis. This meal is prepared in his own kitchen with the love of his mother.

– BEACH WARRIORS- He is the real force behind the clean beaches of Mumbai. Every Sunday, it’s the ritual for him and his team, that they volunteer to clean up the beaches without a miss for the last two years. PROJECT PAATHSHALA-under this, he aims to provide education to underprivileged kids. After all, education is. A basic right for all.

Not only kids and the environment, this gentleman also initiated a dialogue to talk freely about menstruation. They distribute biodegradable sanitary napkins, to make every woman aware of hygienic-menstrual practices.

Love knows no language. His love for animals is clearly depicted through his shelter homes for stray dogs.

We are all aware of the sufferings the whole country went through during the pandemic of covid-19. But he along with his team were actively on the front line to provide relief to every individual in need, not only in his city, but every state, city wherever they could reach, including Uttarakhand. He was generous enough to lend a helping hand to the people of Uttarakhand. He provided constant support to our very own Raghav Juyal, whom he considers as his very dear brother.

There are innumerous stories of his heroic acts. He feels that If each of us step up and take an initiative on our own, for the betterment of society. India will surely become a developed nation within a day. He feels that the youth is full of energy and creativity. If this energy is pored toward


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