Dr. Lalita Kothiya

Everyone would agree that a principal plays a crucial role in a school’s success. It’s very important to have a principal who builds character, inspires dreams, encourages creativity, builds confidence and instills a feeling of learning. Dr Lalita Kothiya is a perfect example of a perfect leader of a school. She has the foundational experience of having taught successfully for over 13 years. Apart from currently holding the position of principal of a prestigious institution in Dehradun, she is a social worker, reformer, counsellor, learning specialist, psychotherapist, motivational speaker and certified trainer. Not only in Dehradun, but she has held the portfolio of Principal of some prestigious institutions of Bareilly and Shimla as well.

Talking about her personal life, she comes from an Army background family. She is not only the daughter of an Indian army officer, but a wife of an Army officer as well. So, her upbringing is what differentiates her. She has grown up in a disciplined environment that truly reflects her personality. With the multi-faceted exposure, she got from the day she was born, handling situations. circumstances and people confidently come naturally to her Due to her sincere commitment towards her work, she has made numerous accomplishments. She is a member of IPN. Also, she holds a position of state president at Navnirman Bharat, Vice president at sports promotion organization of India, educational chief advisor at Wednesday Times Magazine, educational advisor at NIF (New India Foundation) at Jhansi, Uttarakhand president at GLOBAL educators fraternity and state president Rashtriya Yuva Hindu Vahini.

Her work in the field of counselling cannot be neglected. She is perfectly owning the title of being ‘Multitalented. As she believes that Saving lives and creating unique personalities along with educating future India is the best for this society as a human being. Currently, she is dealing with more than 90 learning disabilities at different cognitive levels of children. She is also associated with Energia Soi Mumbai, Specialized in topics like helping neurodiversity learners to overcome learning helplessness, helping children who are facing problems in dyslexia, dysgraphia and so many.

Due to excellence in her work, she has been felicitated on many platforms. One of her biggest achievements as an educationist, was being awarded to the Youngest principal 2018 by NSA New Delhi. She was the Principal of the month by IUEF Intelligently magazine, for her dedication and commitment to the field of education. She was counted in the K-12 educational leader, community by the INDIA didactics association. Awarded with the galaxy as a global icon of education excellence award 2020 at Dehradun Uttarakhand. She was awarded as super achiever in 2019 by mission news Delhi. She is connected with (beti Bachao Beti Khilao) sports promotion organization. She was the recipient of Shri Nari Shakti Saman 2019 at Dehradun. Also, Global Icon of educational excellence was invited as guest of honour in so many award shows including India’s biggest TV award show 2019.

Recently she was awarded as ICONIC principal of the year 2021 for extraordinary performance and dedication towards the profession. Also, awarded at international mega summit and IUEF integrative educational pride award 2021 for education during COVID-19 pandemic. Her achievements themselves speaks volume about the quality of work she does in her field.


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