Should you have someone play a live Dhol at your wedding? Yes, you definitely should. Unless you don’t plan to have any dancing during your wedding, a dhol group has come to be the X factor your friends and colleagues remember the most from the party.

There is no way one can imagine a Desi wedding without some beats of the Dhol. Indian weddings are all about some grand extravaganza and loud music, and the fun just doubles when there is some Dhol.

Each and every moment at a wedding whether it be bridal entry, Baraat arrival or each moment that the couple share has to have a background score, but what remains constant is the need for the music. So many people don’t realize what a huge difference a live Dhol Group will make on the dance floor, or during the baraat arrival, all the baratees and people at the wedding will be mesmerized about the grand and vivid entry of the groom with the banging dhols Some dhol beats add to the mood of the function.

So, If you’re planning a special day which needs some Punjabi dhol beats to add a special touch to your special day; Vishal and team is your best bet. Vishal and Team happen to be one of the best dholwale’s of Dehradun.

They have played at many destination weddings and premium properties making their guests feel happy and appreciated. Also, they are the prominent dholwalas as they have been approached by many celebrities. They have the best beats in all genre be it Bollywood, Punjabi or Rajasthani. Rest assured they will be putting on their best show and never fail to entertain your guests. This group has something for everyone. When their energetic dhol players decked up in vibrant, colour-coordinated costumes will perform, you won’t be able to stop yourself from grooving. A simple home event or a big fat destination wedding; it is incomplete without their foot tapping dhol beats.


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