Along with sightseeing, food is also an important part of your trip. Food signifies a lot about a place. Amidst the lap of Himalayas and lush forests, Uttarakhand is a treasure trove of lesser-known delicacies. The local cuisine is as pleasing to eyes as it’s locations and as simple as its people. The scrumptious delights of this region are dominated by Garhwali and Kumaoni cuisines For all the foodies, who wish to explore the cuisines of the places they visit and also, for all those who are in love with the view of this state, make sure, you fall in love with the local delicacies of this state. Here is the list of delectable traditional dishes of Uttarakhand which you can have and also serve your pahadi friends when they visit you next time.

Bhang ki chutney

You must be wondering that is it for serious? Like who treats something made out of hemp leaves as one of the state delicacies? But, it’s true. When served with other cuisines, this chutney enhances it’s flavour and it’s tangy taste will linger in your mouth for very long. As hemp leaves are used, this chutney has its own characteristic aroma.

Gahat Ke Parathe

Gahat Ke Parathe comes directly from the kitchens of Uttarakhand Gahat dal is a brown lentil, found specially in the pahadi region. This paratha is made out of wheat and mandua flour, stuffed with Gahat ki dal. This is a delicious and nutritious breakfast option.


Surely, this is one of the cuisine, that must be at the top of your check list, out of all the delights. It’s very simple and quick to prepare this dish. All you need are the two main ingredients i.e spinach and Fenugreek seed cooked together with the hint of salt and spice to amplify it’s flavour. This delight tastes so good as it is cooked in an iron pot and complement with a fresh cooked rice. It’s one of the most nourishing food, you will find in this state.


This uttarakhandi dish, Phaanu requires much time and efforts. But once prepared, you will agree, that it was all worth it. For this you need to do is soak all the different type of lentils for about 8-10 Hours. Then, this soupy delight is served with freshly cooked rice and that makes it a good option for lunch in winter season.
This is very nutritious recipe which gives lots of energy to stay fit in cool climates of hill stations. Horse gram is very healthy lentil having it regularly cures kidney stones, heart diseases and diabetes

Jhangoora ki Kheer

When talking about the local cuisine, how can we forget to mention the dessert. After having scrumptious delight, we all look for a good dessert.
This sweet dish of Uttarakhand uses jhangora, which is a type of millet as it’s main ingredient. If you are someone with sweet tooth, it’s texture, flavour will definitely linger in your taste buds for long.

That’s not all in the list of local cuisines. There are numerous cuisines to try on, whenever you visit this beautiful landscape. Kandaali ka saag, Chainsoo, Baadi, Fannah, Kumaoni Raita, gulgula, arsa, singori and many more delicacies makes important part of the local cuisines. So, next time when you plan your trip in this land of picturesque view and take along a lot of memories of it. Make sure, you try on the local delights and taste the scrumptious flavours.


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