Uttarakhand tourism redefines the unique concept of “workation” by offering you quality yet affordable stay in some of the beautiful and picturesque locations amidst the Himalayas, in the lap of nature which is spread in acres and acres of the spell binding landscapes from the snow peaked mountains to the beautiful “valley of flowers”, the holy waters of the river Ganga, Bhagirathi & Alaknanda. Whichever location you pick to be your first or next workation destination here, be assured each and every view would leave you mesmerizing with all the natural beauty and refreshing vibe.

Uttarakhand also commonly known as “Dev Bhoomi” the divinely abode of gods and goddesses, gained its name because of the highly pious “Char Dham Yatra” which is a place of pilgrimage for tourists from all over the country. The Yatra starts from a city called Rishikesh which is also known as “The Yoga Capital of the World” for its spiritual significance. Thus attracting tourists from all coRers of the world. Rishikesh along with other popular destinations in Uttarakhand like Mussoorie, Dehradun, Nainital & Kanatal (Tehri) which are famous for tourist attractions, adventure sports and homestays have now gained their rightful place as some of the best and top workation destinations in the country.

The beautiful landscapes, awesome weather, the various adventure sports and activities, great connectivity through various modes of transportation, the modest and humble locals, the constant efforts for the development by the state tourism board has made Uttarakhand mark its stone among the most popular and preferred locations to destress yourself and enjoy the pleasures of unhurried life.

YES, you read it correct, these beautiful locations can give you that much needed dose of excitement along with a fresh perspective to redefine your Work From Home.

In the words of Katie Grisson “Life is about the adventure you take and the memories you make, so travel often, live life with open eyes and an open heart”.

If there’s one state in the country that ticks all the boxes in a travel enthusiast’s itinerary it’s Uttarakhand.Come and experience yourself by allowing your creative juices to flow uninterrupted as you take a dip in some of the most beautiful natural waterfalls in north India. Also, you can wake up to a beautiful sight of the sun rising from the mountains while enjoying your favourite breakfast sitting in the lap of nature. Not to forget the most awaited late evening walks on the hill station. If you want to unleash your adventure spirit while experiencing the excitement, and the thrill, this place is where you need to be.

You can even add on some of the best packages that the state has in place for you to have that “ALL IN ONE” feeling. While you are here on your workation, why don’t you try some of the exciting sports and adventure activities this heaven on earth holds.

Here is a list of few adventure activities, we are sure would excite you to pack up your bags and put on your adventure shoes for your next trip.

Trekking, Hiking & Camping Now enjoy the heights and widths of natural Himalayan range of peaks, amazing landscapes and breath taking views whether you choose to trek or hike or just even camp amidst the nature while enjoying some of the local cuisine and some age old mountain stories by the local guides. Kanatal, Chopta, Binsar are among the best choices for this

Paragliding Wanna fly and touch the sky, next time pack a bag of clouds on your way back home after experiencing the smooth glide over the mountains and above the valley. Mussoorie, Nainital, Auli, Marchula Almora, Tehri & Nayar can offer you this mesmerizing experience.

Bungee Jumping: Sometimes its all about taking that “leap of faith”. The sacred town of Rishikesh has become a famous spot for this activity White Water Rafting The rapids, the splash, the spinechilling experience. The popular amongst all being River Ganga that creates thrilling rapids in Rishikesh compelling adventure Skiing Enough of sliding down on your phones and laptops, this time try sliding down on snow lovers to give rafting activity a shot peaked mountains of Auli (the skiing paradise of Garhwal

Water Sports Activities Enjoy jet-skiing in the famous Tehri lake with some mind encapturing views of the dam, the mountains and the valley. Wildlife safaris: Choose your safari Elephant or deep and explore the wildlife of Uttarakhand which is diverse in nature that includes 6 national parks. 7 wildlife sanctuaries, 4 conservation and 1 biosphere reserve, enjoy wildlife experience at Jim Corbett National Park & Rajaji National Park.

Mountain Biking: Uttarakhand holds some of the top biking and cycling destinations, Lake

Joshimath Auli Track, George Everest & Deotal-Mana Pass. So why wait! Grah on your biking gear and ride through the natural turns, heights and slopes.

Travelling has always been fun before the pandemic, but we all know the gravity of the situation therefore the Uttarakhand Govt. has been taking all necessary measures to make your trip as safe as possible. Personal precautions are always encouraged for your own safety and safety of the people around you. The tourism department is working closely and diligently to ensure safe travel trips within the state, thereby encouraging and supporting the local small businesses whom living is entirely dependent on tourists.

Come take a tour in nature where you can enjoy the perfect balance between your work and vacation. Derstress while you work To make your trip as comfortable and as memorable, we are just a click away, Uttarakhand awaits


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