Lansdowne, a beautiful serene place in Uttarakhand. If you are tired of visiting the same place again and again, then it’s time to visit this small yet wonderfully quiet cantonment area. An ideal place for a visit round the year, but if you visit during winters, you might be the lucky one to play around with snow.

This place is not just about natural beauty but there is much more to it that awaits you. As the evening grows closer, the localites will start telling you peculiar and interesting ghost stories. One such story includes a headless ghost’. It is said that a beheaded Englishman roams on his horse in the cantonment area here at midnight. This is the popular story of Lansdowne that has been shared for many years now. This ghost not just roams but does his job as a watchman perfectly. This ghost of the Englishman keeps an eye on the soldiers doing duty here at night, not only this, if someone is found sleeping then it is not good for him.

As evidence, you will find many retired soldiers who will confirm that they have felt this supernatural power who hits them if they are negligent towards their duty. It is said that this ghost was a British Army officer W. H. Wardell. Wardell came to India in 1893. Here he was made the commanding officer of Lansdowne Cantt. He died during the First world war but people believe that he is on his duty till now.

So if you are someone who loves this spooky feeling with that scary silence in the night, you will find this place an exciting option for your weekend getaway. But this is not all about this beautiful place. Lansdowne has

some historic temples like Tarkeshwar Mahadev, Durga Devi, Sidh Peeth Jwalpa Devi. You can also enjoy the mesmerizing view of Shivalik hills and much more.


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