Anubhav Sapra

Social media is filled with numerous food bloggers who would show you variety of delicacies but then there is Anubhav Sapra. The famous food blogger, who has travelled through the lanes of India and showcased not only the intricate details of every state’s local cuisine but the culture and history behind it.
Born In Muzaffarpur, Bihar. Right from his childhood, he lived in a diversified locality of various religion, caste and culture. His childhood was in an era, which defined togetherness. Since his early childhood days, he had the pleasure of tasting various forms of Indian cookeries. So, his love for food started from the days of early childhood. Food always excited his mind and thrilled his belly since his childhood days.
His exploration of the street food began when he came to Dehradun for his higher secondary studies. He used to thrive on the street foods with the little pocket money he received. He belongs to a pure vegetarian family but his journey of converting into non-vegetarian started when he moved to Delhi for his further studies. He studied at Delhi University, North campus and resided in the hostel. Needless to say about the hostel food. So almost every night, he along with his friends went out and had the best street foods, especially chicken. Those were the days, where unknowingly, he started exploring the lanes of Delhi to find the best street food.
He always wanted to do something for the society. So he tried for UPSC but he was destined for something else. When he could not make out in the exam, he joined the NGO.For the first time in the year 2011, organized a food tour near RK Ashram, metro station. Wherein, each person contributed Rs 200, and at the end, saved Rs 50 per person as well. This tour was an all-embracing experience. Therefore, he decided to do these food tours at regular intervals and started his food blog ‘street foods of Delhi’.
Then he got an email from German Online Magazine. They liked his blogs and wanted him to assist them to a Delhi Food Tour. So he took them through the lanes of Old Delhi during the breakfast hours. They loved the tour and published the tour in the German-Online Magazine.
By the year 2011, he changed his blog name to ‘Delhi food walks’. His work gained him a lot of popularity among the audience. Delhi Food Walks was featured in New York Times. By the end of 2014, with the great inflow of request, he bid adieu to the full-time NGO work and invested his full time to Delhi Food Walks.
By the year-end of 2017, they already had a team of six members. Then, they decided to start their journey on YouTube. And the rest is history. Today they have about 915K subscribers that too in such a short span of time.
What sets Anubhav Sapra apart from others, is his way, that he delivers a story with each food item, it’s history, culture and tradition as well.


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