Katlambe, a Pakistani cuisine, but has been testing every taste buds for last many years. It’s a deep fried snack served with chole. It’s slightly different from bhature as it has more layers and is comparatively more crispy. But why we are talking about such a dish when we have so many more attractive sites and outlets in Dehradun. Well, don’t you think that apart from regular Chinese street food we need more varieties of street food to binge on. If you are from Dehradun, You might be familiar with Katlambe, as it is one of the oldest street foods over here. And if you have come to travel Dehradun then you need to taste it. It’s a perfect breakfast snack.

But where you’ll get the perfect and tasty katlambe served with chole, pickle and sliced onion, that too at the cheapest price. Your search for that will complete atSethi’s chole katlambe. This place is currently being handled by the 3rd generation of the family. Divyesethi, the owner, tells that it was started by his grandfather. They have been serving this dish since 1954,i.e. more than 60 years. They have carried this legacy with their efforts. Time must have changed but their taste remains the same. You’ll be surprised to know that those tasteful chole are prepared without onion and garlic , still tasting heavenly.

Talking about its location, its situated at 37 Moti bazar chowk, Dehradun. So, what are you waiting for? Head over right now to this place and be sure to taste drool-worthy chole katlambe that will absolutely make your day!


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