Writing a script for a popular show can be a difficult task. From the moment an idea is conceived until the moment it is realised, there is a long way to go. However, writing a comedy script makes the task even more difficult. It’s quite easy to laugh at others, but it’s a very difficult task to make others laugh. Comedy is a unique writing genre, as the writer has to continuously come up with new punchlines to make people laugh. Nobody is born with the ability to be a comedian, and no one can learn it in a classroom. A comedy script writer learns the fundamentals and refines his or her craft through time.

And when it comes to our favourite comedy show, we Indians have a separate fanbase for comedy shows like “The Kapil Sharma Show.” Considering that, many of you must be excited to know about the mind that goes behind those funny punchlines and the impeccable comic timing. So, let’s get into a conversation with the man himself from Devbhoomi, who has aced this art of perfect script that can make any show a smash hit. Yes, we are talking about Mr. Bharat Kukreti, the popular writer and director.

Excerpts from the Interview:

Sir, we are so glad to have you with us. So, Share a little brief about your early life?

I have been born and brought up in Dehradun itself. I studied at the prestigious St. Joseph’s Academy and DAV college. After completing my post-graduation in commerce, I did my first job in the local newspaper Himalayan Darpan and graduated in journalism as well. Later, I worked for various newspapers including The Indian Express, Chandigarh and Tehelka – The People’s Newspaper, among others. After all this, I went to Mumbai and worked with an international Magazine.

So, how did this journey as a scriptwriter actually start?

To be honest, I had no plans as such. I think script writing just happened to me. It was in the year 2005, my friend was preparing a courtroom thriller for Doordarshan and he just asked me to prepare a script for it. Initially, I was a bit apprehensive but my friend asked me to give it a try. So, I did that. That show ran successfully for 1 year and that’s how my journey in television actually started. And God has been great since. My first show – Comedy Circus, became a massive hit. I initially started as a writer, then became the Content Head and finally the Content Director. It was a great journey for 6-7 years. After that, I spearheaded another supremely hit show, Comedy Nights with Kapil, as Content Director. Post that, I was the Director of another superhit show, The Kapil Sharma Show, for around 5 years. So, it’s been a great journey so far. My first passion is writing, but I have been more into the direction for the last 5-6 years.

As you are a brilliant writer, what is your favourite genre?
I mostly write humour because that is what has given me my identity, but if you ask me what i love, that would be poetry. I have my own collection of poetry and will be releasing that in the form of a book soon.

You have achieved a lot till now. So, what are your future plans?

Lately, there has been an increasing inclination towards digital platforms. So, I am working on it. I have already come up with a show called “Sandwiched Forever” on Sony Liv, where I headed the script department as well as produced it. Currently, we are working on a few web shows as well as films.

What is the thing that keeps you motivated?

At the end of the day, one must be fully satisfied with one’s own work, and that is what I work for. The destiny of how well a show or film does depends on the audience, but we must ensure that we put our hundred percent into it. Getting an award for your hard work is immensely satisfying, but still, it is secondary. Self-satisfaction and enjoying what I do is very important to me.

You have come a long way. So, what would be your advice for others who wish to make a career in the same field?

I feel Writer is probably not an apt term because anyone who can type is a writer. You must be a Thinker first. Unless you think and create new ideas, you can’t become a writer. So, good writing is a perfect combination of two things – Thought and Expression. Both these qualities are essential to being a good writer.

Since you are from Uttarakhand and recently tourism has increased a lot in Devbhoomi. So, any message to people who are travelling here?

My only advice would be to come and enjoy the beauty and culture of Devbhoomi. Try to adapt to that culture and get blended with its beauty, and not tamper with it. See, whenever we travel to any international destination, we try to adapt to their culture and live the way the residents actually live over there. In so same way, tourists coming to Uttarakhand should maintain the beauty and serenity of this place. And it’s equally important for the people living over here to ensure proper representation of the state’s culture and give a very warm welcome to every tourist. They should take back beautiful memories from this beautiful state.

Indeed, it was a beautiful conversation with the very humble and perfectionist – Mr. Bharat Kukreti. His words would surely enlighten every reader. Wishing him all the good luck in his future endeavours!!


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