Nihal Thakur, a fashion designer and stylist from Nagpur who wants to carve a niche for himself in this fashion industry. He is known for creating a balancing style, which is both rich in Indian aesthetics and modern sophistication. His instinct works in tandem with his creativity. 

To pursue his passion professionally he has done his graduation in fashion designing from Nagpur INIFD in 2019. Earlier, he was working as a freelancer but very soon he is coming up with his own brand label in Nagpur. He will meticulously plan his labels to cater to the different needs of customers. So, it’s just a moment of time remaining in turning his dream into reality.

His designs have been showcased on various renowned platforms. Some of them includes

-New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2018 New York Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2019

-INIFD Annual Fashion show Bhubaneshwar Fashion Show

-Raipur Fashion Week

These are some big shows he has done with different themes, inspirations and patterns. Personally he loves to design western wear for women. Now, his collection is going to grace UFW. This collection is inspired by his own thoughts. During his childhood, everything in the world fell into either of these two categories wrong and right, for him. He took this thought as an inspiration for this collection and has used black color for wrong things and white color for right thing.

This idea has made him come up with a beautiful western collection with a very stylish modern pattern. Hence the name of this collection is W&R, i.e. wrong and right. So, it’s time to witness his intricately designed collection which will surely leave you mesmerized.

Check out the UFW Designs: https: //


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