India experienced a catastrophic surge in COVID-19 cases with its second wave. The infection rates were the highest ever seen, nearly triple 2020’s peak. At the peak of the surge in May, daily new cases reached 500,000. Hospitals and ICUs were already operating at or over capacity. And during these times JUST OPEN YOURSELF (JOY) decided to compassionate help to save lives in Uttarakhand support health workers and

people in crisis around the capital Dehradun Initially, in early days of April JOY started to procure and distribute Oxygen Cylinders at free of cost as medical supply with no refilling and security charges. The service was launched 24/7 as full support. We stared the 24/7 support group with two cylinders and within a week made it 70 cylinders which were being circulated in all over the city.

With this we also provided COVID medical kits, sanitisation kits (included sanitary pads, sanitisers, masks, soaps) along with other medical equipment. While all these medical conditions and help, at JOY we were also aware of the fact that rural parts of the state were hit hardest by the second wave in particular as compared to urban centres in terms of food and other basic necessities. In a crisis of this magnitude, JOY made its help reach local areas and supplied ration kits (included Atta, Rice, Sugar, Spices, Dal, Oil) on regular basis.

The group also tried its best to fill the gap in health infrastructure by providing the COVID relief. To increase the jurisdiction for uphill areas and to offer aid in maximum regions JOY accepted funds from all different countries and states through its fund raising campaign. Quoting the 5 days which were spent in Rudraprayag and nearby villages and distribution drive in Mussoorie and Chamasari

Eventually JOY extended its aid and made distribution of 2677 Lt oxygen, 31,000 kgs ration .600 sanitisation kits and 700 medical kits- including 9000 sanitary pads, 10,000 sanitisers, 1 lakh 11 thousand masks and 3000 soaps: Covered 26 containment zones. JOY have worked with grantee and is still working with diverse range of aid in both urban and rural area. Our grantees assess the needs of the community and develops customized help programs ranging from promoting COVID prevention and vaccination, providing medical relief material to needy, support to community health centres, primary health centres. This includes oxygen concentrators, cylinders, PPE kits including medicines, sanitisers, gloves, masks, testing facilities, and connecting patients to Government hospitals for vaccination and care, providing food or dry ration to the most marginalised populations, etc.

The volunteers on ground have worked hard endlessly day and night for which we are really proud off. Wanderers, prosperity travels and brand boosters have been our partners throughout this campaign, and JOY is grateful enough for their support. We also extend our gratitude to all the individuals and groups who have contributed directly or indirectly in making JOY’s mission of saving lives possible. We at JOY shall continue to work for society till the last day.


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