Are you an adventure seeker looking for some activities that would give you a much needed adrenaline rush? Well, how about a gorgeous skywalk that leaves you awe-struck with its beauty and gets your heart racing too?lf walking on a skywalk has been on your bucket list, it’s time to strike it off.

Uttarakhand has got yet another reason to attract all the thrill and adventure seekers out there. After a span of 59 years, a wooden skywalk bridge is all set to open for the tourists. Gartang Gali, a wooden skywalk bridge is situated amidst hidden gem of Uttarakhand, Neolang Valley. This bridge has historical and strategic importance. This bridge was earlier an important route for cross-border trade between India and Tibet. Built by the Pathans, this bridge was closed after the indo-china war of 1962. The project to develop Gartang Gali as a major tourist destination was launched after the Union government withdrew it from the innerline permit area a while ago.

Perched at an altitude of 11,000 feet, this bridge gives you a stunning view of the entire Neolang valley landscape. This bridge will undergo transformation to be a world-class skywalk which will have a transparent floor – giving the illusion of walking in air to the tourists.

Appealing to adventure seekers, Sky Walk will add to the touristic appeal of the city and offer visitors a never-before. experience. Satpal Maharaj Ji, Tourism Minister, Uttarakhand, has a firm belief that this bridge is an ideal site for skywalking project and can surely become a major tourists attraction. Moreover, because of its heritage significance, this bridge will definitely attract tourists.


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