Who is Pahadi

Nowadays there is a lot of trend of being called hilly (Pahadi). If anyone is having a relationship with the mountain, he will start liking to call himself a Pahadi. The trend of saying Pahadi is being seen more than a few years ago. If we examine it from the establishment of the state, then something very different starts to appear. The state of Uttarakhand was formed in the year 2000. Everyone had a pleasant feeling of being separated from Uttar Pradesh. Being a part of Uttar Pradesh, the recent formed Uttarakhand had faced many problems in the past, like long distances from the capital, lack of representation etc. The state formed, the development began, and the process is going on. In the initial phase, the competition for forming the capital of the state was there between Gairsain and Dehradun, after which Dehradun was decided to be the summer capital of Uttarakhand. With the formation of the capital, migration took place. The high-income class started moving towards Dehradun and trying to have their own house in Dehradun was and is the personal wish of every Uttarakhandi.
Those who came to Dehradun from other states like Delhi, UP, Haryana, all liked to see themselves away from being Pahadi. Because if someone told them “you have come from the mountains”, it was often annoying for them. These people always tried their best to show themselves differently. Had nothing to do with Pahadi music at all. If it was even a ringing tone, there was a practice of adopting an outright disregard. The people who migrated often were called ‘Desi’ (natives). When they come to the village, they used to look at the rural society with complex inferiority. Because they used to believe that ‘why come to the village now and they are not even interested in coming to the village. They started saying we are from Doon instead of from Dehradun.

The social network has a big role in setting the trend towards culture. From Tik Tok to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. mediums have filled the interest with people. Whereas before these platforms, many people were hardly interested in the culture. But these trends created the desire for followers and the race to become a PAHADI started.
The exact meaning of being a pahadi, in general, revolves around the people living in the mountain, deprived of infrastructure and resources. Becoming pahadi is not a matter of choice but a geographical condition, where the change is not in the hands of the individual. It is determined by natural circumstances. Those who are forced to do risky work for daily living. To whom the schemes of the government could not reach nor could they connect with the mainstream.
I have often found that this issue becomes hot and hot as the election season approaches. One aspect of this is that votes from the electorate should be taken in their favour. While only 3% of the representatives live in the mountains. Personally, if I mention any poet, then a poet like Chandra Kunwar Bartwal’s literature did not get that amount of respect where he composed about mountain’s water and its pain.
They can be seen in the cap, Pahari coat (dokha) in the pretence of being this pahadi. Pahadi values ​​have become so secondary among the people that they pahadi hats to represent themselves as pahadi. The weather has changed so much that sometimes social workers run the political stage with the help of artists. So that people can stay in front of the stage and because of this they can hear them. Modern society is in the direction of shifting to reels and youtube. But the appearances of a few minutes are seen on every social networking site. The person who does not claim to be a pahadi in a mountain does not consider it as anything but a show. You will meet many such new generations who do not hesitate to say themselves Pahadi but they do not know the exact meaning of the words, but in front of the plains people, they try their best to be called Pahadi. The new generation is unable to differentiate between Garhwal and Kumaon. They think of Kashipur as Kumaon and also Jaunsar. Because in our education, very little is talked about the social, cultural aspects of the state. They are considered secondary because it is our fault that we underestimate our values.
But these days it is a matter of pride to be pahadi which was a disgrace in the initial moment of migration. Today most of the people of Uttarakhand who are out of state or country do not shy away from showing that they are pahadi. For most, speaking Pahari is a pretence to oneself, which is only part of the current race.
I found that people are not familiar with the dialect of Uttarakhand, vocabulary of languages, festivals, fairs, cuisines, clothes. Just interested in copying all of these. And they consider its importance secondary. This is what is called the tragedy of the existence of any culture. Pahadi poetry, memes, in many videos, there is less pride in saying Pahadi and there is more feeling of following the trend and the fashion. Where it was found that the Pahadi people are unusual, who is found only in Uttarakhand and has never been a part of Uttarakhand’s culture. Because here, there are always recommendations of gentleness, decency, brotherhood. It would be better if we work on the culture. Rather, avoid pretending to be culture.
Wouldn’t it be better if we write, read, know and broadcast on our culture? It would be better than looking like a fake Pahari, that we should really imbibe those values ​​which are necessary for society. Which benefits society. Being a Pahadi, it is important to remain a human as well. Where it is much better to keep ego secondary.
‘Pahadi is someone who is comfortable in the mountains’, for whom geographical situations don’t create a vast difference. One who does not cherish the importance of being a Pahadi even by living in a mountain. Also, who has fewer complaints from the mountain routine? In whose statement a mountainous style is hidden, who is in favour of humanity? One who shows off his culture less and trusts more. Who does not like to see his culture dead often? If you meet him in Dehradun, Meerut or Dubai, he will directly make you feel like you are in ahead (mountain) and meeting a true pahadi.