The Muscle Kid

Share a Little Brief About Yourself?

My name is Samarth Thapliyal. I belong to a very beautiful place known as Tehri Garhwal but I shifted to Dehradun in my initial years for exploring my capabilities.

Did you always think to be in the fitness industry or there was something else you were planning as a career?

Like every other kid, I too had lots and lots in my mind, I wanted to be so much in just one life but undoubtedly my first choice or say first love was to get into an industry where diligence is praised, therefore fitness had been a priority in every base.

What have been your Strengths?

I always had my mental strength as my first backbone since I had seen if you hold no willpower, you can’t hold your breakdowns hence you lose even if you win.

What was the Biggest Challenge that you had faced during your initial days?

I had and I am still facing the same challenges in my everyday life, the way people think about fitness freaks, judge them, eat them up with their rubbish talks, demotivate them.

Well, most of the parents are not happy with their kids pursuing such kind of field. So, how would you describe your family’s role?

I am always thankful to God for blessing me with such a supportive family, every parent wants the best for their kids but I had never seen any parent supporting like mine either it is mentally or financially.

What is your achievement by far?

Every step that I put forward towards my goal is an achievement for me, still, at present, I hold 2 records which also had been published in the local newspapers. My first achievement is 11-hour nonstop treadmill run and my second is running from Dehradun to Rishikesh with a weight of 10kgs to give a little tribute to our great athlete of all times Late. Milkha Singh Ji.

What more do you wish to achieve in this field?

I have no desire bigger than having my name as a Fitness Athlete, I have no greed for money towards any step that pulls me towards my dreams.

What is Your Vision or What Message do you like to Convey to Society?

My only advice to every age group is to eat clean and stay fit because knowingly or unknowingly we have to achieve something for which we have been sent to this beautiful Earth.

What or Who is Your Inspiration?

My father is my living inspiration the way he tackles all the humdrum, the way he makes exit doors for every problem, had always inspired me in this long run.

For many people, these are just three words but for some, this is the daily ritual or a life mantra. Well, who doesn't like to have a toned body, chiselled face, and firmer muscles? But all of this is not achievable in a moment. You need to put in that extra effort for a longer period. While many heads on to the gym intending to just have a good physique but we also have fitness enthusiasts whose motive is to have a healthy and fit body too. Among this category of fitness enthusiasts, we have a freak who has come a long way and created his own identity in the fitness industry - Mr. Samarth Thapliyal.