The Dynamic Visionary - Mohit Kalra

As an entrepreneur, one is always looking for a sector that can contribute to society as well as generate significant revenue. Traditionally, some of these sectors include owning a business, trading and investing in stocks, and possibly the most personally fulfilling of them all, Construction. Constructing someone’s dream house or a workspace sems quite satisfying as you can be the reason behind a million smiling faces. Although Making money in this has many potential difficulties and hazards, making it not for the faint of heart. However, one can achieve significant success by comprehending the numerous real estate entrepreneurship strategies, putting them into practice correctly, conducting assessments, and making adjustments as needed. And in the present, many entrepreneurs have tapped into it and are making their way to the pinnacle. Wouldn’t it be great to know about their life journey and get inspired?
So, today we share the story of one of the dynamic entrepreneurs whose zeal and self-motivation to excel in life has led Kalra Constructions to greater heights. Yes, we are talking about the young, experienced and successful chairman of Kalra Constructions- Mr. Mohit Kalra.
Born and brought up in the beautiful city of Dehradun, this young entrepreneur was majorly inclined towards the Finance sector. Owing to which he did his higher studies in this domain. After doing his graduation, he stepped into this field of construction and who knew that this field would become his area of interest. These two years added a lot of exposure and expertise to his profile. He learnt the art of negotiations, which he feels as his biggest strength.
But deep down his one more passion- Finance used to always drive him and to pursue that he went to Sheffield Hallam University. Which was followed by qualifying BAT and becoming a certified financial analyst. He proved himself being a perfectionist at every task he picked up to do. He won 2 Leadership Awards in the UK (United Kingdom) one at university level as a president of the Indian Society of my University and Other one by the Common Purpose Organisation.
But after coming back to his hometown, the road to success was not smooth for him. Being novice and too young to procure big projects, he faced little difficulty during his initial days. It took a lot of time to gain the trust and build a relationship in the real estate market. Starting as a channel partner for one of the real estate companies, doing a project with L&T to establish a name for himself, he has paved his own way. Today, he has successfully completed and delivered numerous projects in Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi NCR, Haryana and Gujarat. This long journey was full of ups and downs but he never gave up.
The zeal to create something big always kept him motivated. And not to forget that he is a financial analyst, that surely gives him an edge over the knowledge about risk management. Sharing about his skills, he says, “Business Planning, Business Strategy, Management and Leadership are my skills. My knowledge about the construction industry has given me the ability to come up with an appropriate solution in the area of my expertise by observing and finding different and unique ways of doing work stands me apart, as learned from past experience negotiation is my biggest strength and taking initiations at workplace defines best of my behaviour at the workplace. Talking about my vision, it’s not entitled to national boundaries, I am working internationally as well as MPM International- export & import company. Soon we will have a sensible market share in exports too.”
He also discussed the enormous potential for growth in his native state of Uttarakhand. He would always be there to contribute to this progress. Over the years, Uttarakhand has demonstrated its ability to become one of the fully developed cities. And same goes for the country, we need to look for a way for sustainable development.
Well, this must have given you a short insight about this dynamic, hardworking and talented being. His journey rightly showcases how one can achieve anything with strong determination. If you are passionate and determined, nothing can stop you. For the other beginners out there, he got a special message, “Study well, travel a lot and experience everything in life. There are a lot of opportunities and ways you can contribute to the development of this country. Just fall in love with whatever you choose to do.

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