If you ever happen to visit Rishikesh, you’ll surely get to hear the name Swargashram. Over the years this ashram has gained popularity and is frequented by faithful, foreigners, and saints seeking better knowledge along with seeking to discover their true life purpose.

Situated amidst the picturesque surrounding, it is a spiritual powerhouse that provides plenty of peace and calm. Established in the memory of Swami Vishudhanand who is also known as kali kamli wala, this ashram has retained its ethnic touch. Free food to needy people, has been provided throughout the last 70 years in this Ashram.

Chanting, Aarti, Mantras, and many rituals are performed inside the premises on daily basis.

Inside the ashram, you can find several stores, dispensaries, cafes, libraries, Sanskrit schools, and meditation centres.

You can easily find a reasonable accommodation well equipped with all basic amenities, inside the Ashram.

Swargashram is a must-see for anybody looking to reconnect with nature and the supreme power.