The Story of a Bonafide Model

Working in the modeling industry and breaking into it may be quite challenging. In many cases, the persistent pressures placed on models’ appearances and lifestyles are overwhelming. The industry is fiercely competitive and getting noticed often necessitates a significant investment of time and money. However, if that is your passion, you have no choice but to press on with your head held high. And that is exactly what Arti Khanna, a young aspiring model from the highlands, is doing.
Hailing from the beautiful state of Uttarakhand, Aarti Khanna is an epitome of beauty with brain. Not only she just jumped into the field of modelling but before that she did her diploma in aviation industry, travel, hospitality from frankfinn institute Dehradun. She was well settled in her career but the pandemic changed the entire scenario. As airlines were closed, she had to return back to her home. But to well utilize her time, she enrolled into Online Yoga classes and today she is a certified yoga trainer as well.

Talking about her modelling career, she is blessed to have a very supportive family, who have always believed in her dreams and persuaded to chase them. So, she actuated her carrier with Swastik production house in Mr. and Miss Uttarakhand glam hunt, where she emerged as a titleholder of miss stylish 2021. And then there was no looking back for this diva. She went on to do a lot of shows in Dehradun along with winning Miss North India. Apart from this, she has bagged various titles in her kitty- Miss fashion icon 2021, Winner of Miss North India 2021, and also did various music albums of Uttarakhand culture. But this journey was not smooth for her even. She faced body shaming that rocked her self-esteem. But gradually she overcame that fear with the power of self-love and by not giving others the power to dictate what her body should look like. And yes! Today she is here, acing the ramp and creating her identity.

But this is just the beginning. She wishes to be a part of the Television industry along with doing music albums. Moreover, she inclines to take her culture ahead and do something in the same field.

If you are someone who wishes to make their own identity, she got some advice for you, “if you wish to start your carrier in any field, firstly have a clear roadmap and so what makes you happy. Because at the end, satisfaction is most important thing in your life. You can’t let other people dictate your thoughts. Especially to all strong women out there- Just follow your passion. Build your confidence like ocean. Never ever loose your dignity. Just love the way you are.”