Malsi Deer Park

For lovers of diverse flora and fauna, this place is a must-visit in Dehradun. Established in 1976, its former name was Malsi Deer Park. Serving to its name, this zoo was home to a number of deers, which you could witness roaming here and there. Gradually, this zoo became home to various other wildlife as well. In the year 2015, it went under massive renovation and was renamed as ‘ Dehradun Zoo’. Lately, the zoo has also come up with its aquarium section. This section consists of diverse marine life, which is indeed a treat to watch. This zoo sprawls to the massive area providing you with a spacious location for swings, rope climbing, chit-chatting, and has options for the foodies as well. All this adds to the natural beauty of this location making it a perfect picnic spot. But make sure to keep the environment clean and Plastic Free.