Bairaj Lake

Rishikesh has many latest additions to its itinerary of the picnic spots. One of them is “Bairaj Lake”.

When visiting Rishikesh, the Bairaj Lake is a must-see. The lake’s beautiful splendour contributes to nature’s abundance of beauty. It is one of Rishikesh’s greatest spots for relaxing and calming your mind and spirit, as well as a peaceful and meditative environment. Bairaj Lake is the most developed of all the lakes in Uttarakhand. The scenery is tranquil, despite the fact that you cannot get close to the fishing waters. You may unwind in the sun at a nice lake park.

It’s a perfect place for all fitness freaks as well. Be it your morning walk or the evening walk, this is an ideal place.

The rippling sound of Ganges, the mountain peaks covered with the lush green trees on the side, the cool breeze flowing by and the serene surrounding, together make this place a perfect picnic spot.